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Company: The Australian Ballet 2007
Choreography: Krzysztof Pastor
Music: Berlioz
Light: Jon Buswell
Set, costumes and videos: Tatyana van Walsum

Greenroom Award for best design in dance for Symphonie Fantastique The Australian Ballet

……..The second is the set design by Pastor’s long time collaborator Tatyana van Walsum, who uses a series of revolving rectangular screens stacked side by side from which the dancers enter and exit. There is a harmony to their symmetry and a sense of the largeness of The Artist’s anxieties and fears as dancers stand in front of the tall screens which tower forever upwards. Projections of clouds, rain, wheat (for the pastoral scene) and red poppies (the artist takes opium and hallucinates that he sees his beloved with a cohort of witches) are effective without being over done and create a haunting atmosphere………………






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